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Providing Bespoke Personal, Business & International Solutions.

Unrivalled Protection & Security Consultancy

Protegimus Protection is a globally recognised provider of comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Leveraging our deep expertise and understanding of the ever-evolving security landscape, we provide unparalleled bespoke security services to a broad spectrum of clients across personal, business, and international domains.

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We prioritise the safety and peace of mind of our individual clients, delivering customised, high-end security services that address personal protection needs. Our personal security services range from close protection services, residential security to secure transport services, each designed meticulously to ensure the highest standards of safety. We blend cutting-edge technology with trained security professionals to offer unobtrusive, proactive personal protection that instils confidence.

Protegimus Protection helps businesses protect their people, property, and assets, regardless of their size or industry. Our customisable corporate security services encompass risk management, emergency planning, crisis response, and security system design and management. By understanding the unique threats each business faces, we help our clients establish a safe and secure operational environment, thereby reducing potential financial and reputational risks.

In a rapidly globalising world, Protegimus Protection recognises the importance of robust international security. We provide tailored solutions for those who need to operate securely around the world. Our global security services include travel risk management, security consulting, international risk assessment, and global security training. With our extensive network and deep understanding of various regional contexts, we can anticipate potential risks and ensure that our clients are always protected, no matter where they are.

Our Security Services

Close Protection

Close Protection

Premier close protection services, providing personalised, high-level security for clients ranging from corporate executives to high-profile individuals, ensuring their safety and peace of mind at all times.

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Protective Surveillance

We offer robust protective surveillance services, ensuring your security, privacy, and peace of mind in a world that’s increasingly interconnected and complex through our innovative solutions.

Residential Security

Residential Security

Delivering peace of mind, our company offers comprehensive residential security solutions, ensuring our clients’ homes are safeguarded with the latest technology and round-the-clock surveillance.

International Security

International Travel Security

Specialising in ensuring the safety and peace of mind of clients worldwide, Protegimus Protection provides a comprehensive and robust international travel services, tailored to suit every client’s unique needs.

Security Assessments

Security Assessments

Driven by a commitment to safeguarding your business, we provide comprehensive security assessments, aimed at identifying vulnerabilities, enhancing resilience, and fostering a secure operational environment.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Utilising a range of strategic measures, our company excels in providing comprehensive asset protection services, safeguarding your investments against potential risks and ensuring long-term financial stability.

Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Providing robust maritime security, we ensure the safe and uninterrupted passage of vessels, thereby protecting the world’s crucial sea trade routes from piracy and other potential threats..

threat awareness training

Threat Awareness Training

We are committed to empowering businesses with robust threat awareness training, enhancing cybersecurity hygiene, fostering a culture of vigilance, and mitigating potential risks.

Why Choose Us?

At Protegimus Protection, we continually innovate our strategies and incorporate the latest security technologies to stay ahead of threats. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals who bring diverse security backgrounds, further enhancing our ability to provide a holistic security approach. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of security services, which has helped us establish a strong reputation in the security industry.

Protegimus Protection is your trusted partner for all your security needs. We offer comprehensive, tailored solutions designed to meet your specific needs and ensure peace of mind. With our unwavering commitment to protecting what matters most to you, we empower you to navigate your world securely.