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Unleash the power of automation

Protegimus Protection is a global leader in automated drone solutions, committed to innovating how drones improve daily operations. Our cutting-edge drone-in-a-box solutions, or ‘DiaBs’, are designed to deliver high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective services that cater to various applications in numerous industries, including logistics, security, agriculture, media, and more.

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How It works

Uncomplicated and efficient

Our DiaB solutions are incredibly user-friendly. Upon deployment, the drone carries out its mission: surveillance, inspection, or monitoring-related tasks. Post-operation, it autonomously returns to its box, where it’s safely housed, recharged, and ready for the next assignment.

All the data captured is accessible in real time through a secure, easy-to-use interface, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. Operational reports can be compiled and sent either per flight, per day, per week or per month; the choice is yours.

We offer a variety of service levels, ranging from complete ownership of the system and management of operations right down to short, mid, and long-term leases. We have a choice that suits you.

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Working in partnership with leading Drone-in-a-Box manufacturers enables our team to deliver top-tier automated drone services that seamlessly blend with your operations. These include:

  • Aerial Surveillance: We equip businesses with continuous and reliable security, helping monitor large properties, borders, or restricted areas.
  • Inspection: Our drones simplify routine infrastructure inspections, reducing the risks and costs of manual surveys.
  • Agriculture: Improve crop health with our precision agriculture drones. They provide accurate data to help monitor crop health, manage resources, and increase yield.
  • Emergency Response: In emergencies, our drones provide critical aerial perspectives for disaster management, search and rescue, and quick damage assessment.
  • Data Analysis: Our drones are sophisticated data collection devices, not just flying cameras. With high-resolution imaging, thermal sensors, and LIDAR capabilities, our drones can gather diverse data sets for in-depth analysis.
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Use Cases & Target Sectors

Welcome to our comprehensive section on DiaB System use cases. Here, we delve into various use cases that underscore the profound impact of automated operations across multiple sectors. Explore this section to gain insights into the remarkable applications of DiaB systems and understand how they can be tailored to cater to diverse industry-specific requirements.

Critical Infrastructure

Drone in a Box (DiaB) systems are an innovative solution that has the potential to transform the management, maintenance, and security of critical infrastructure, whether that be Oil & Gas Fields, Reservoirs, Communication Facilities or Government Sites.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance: Schedule flights to regularly inspect critical infrastructure, identifying potential issues before they become significant problems. They can spot structural damage, detect leaks, identify overheating components, and more, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of failure.
  • Increased Safety: Drones can access hazardous or hard-to-reach areas, reducing the need for human workers to put themselves in dangerous situations. This improves overall safety and minimises the risk of accidents.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: DiaB systems can save significant amounts of time and money by automating inspections and reducing the need for manual checks. They also increase the frequency and quality of inspections, providing a more detailed understanding of the state of infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security: DiaB systems can also be used for surveillance and security, detecting intruders or suspicious activities in real time, thus reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or sabotage. For example, Oil and Gas fields often cover large geographic areas and can be challenging to secure. They significantly enhance perimeter security, deter unauthorised activities, and facilitate quick responses to security breaches. The drones can be scheduled to carry out regular patrols or deployed immediately in case of an alarm.

Solar Farm Management

DiaB systems have emerged as a game-changing tool for efficient and effective solar farm management. This innovative technology leads towards more sustainable, efficient, and productive renewable energy operations. Here’s an overview of the key benefits and capabilities of such systems:

  • Automated Inspections: DiaB systems automate routine Photovoltaic (PV) inspections, significantly reducing the time and labour required. Drones with advanced imaging technologies, like thermal and multispectral imaging, can identify damaged panels, debris accumulation, or shading issues that may impact solar panel efficiency.
  • Preventive Maintenance: By detecting problems early, such as micro-cracks, hotspots, and PID (potential induced degradation), drones can help perform predictive maintenance, minimising downtime and ensuring optimum performance of the solar farm.
  • Cost-Effective: By reducing labour costs, minimising downtime, and optimising solar panel efficiency, DiaB systems offer a cost-effective solution for solar farm management.
  • Scalability: DiaB systems can easily be scaled up to handle larger farms or multiple sites.
  • Security Surveillance: The drone-in-a-box system can also provide 24/7 security surveillance of the solar farm, reducing the risk of theft and vandalism.

Maritime Operations

DiaB Systems are being increasingly deployed in diverse areas like port management, harbour surveillance, and dock inspection, providing several key benefits.

  • Monitoring: Maritime environments such as ports, harbours, and docks are often sprawling and complex, with a multitude of operations taking place simultaneously. Traditional methods of monitoring these spaces can be manpower-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. DiaB systems provide a solution by offering continuous aerial surveillance, enabling real-time tracking of ships, containers, and overall port activities. They can be pre-programmed to patrol specific areas, reducing human error, and ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Security: Safety and security are paramount in maritime operations. DiaB systems enhance these aspects by enabling automated operations, constant surveillance, and promptly detecting unauthorised activity or security threats. These drones can operate in difficult weather conditions and during both day and night, ensuring 24/7 security.
  • Inspection: Regular inspections of infrastructure like quays, cranes, and storage tanks are necessary to maintain operational efficiency. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors can perform these inspections quickly and safely, reducing the need for manual checks. They can easily access hard-to-reach areas, identifying potential issues such as structural damage, leaks, or rust, thus aiding preventive maintenance efforts.
  • Emergency Response: In emergencies, such as fires or oil spills, DiaB systems can be deployed quickly to provide crucial real-time information, assisting in decision-making and ensuring a swift and effective response. They also reduce the risk to human life by avoiding direct exposure to dangerous situations.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Drones can quickly collect a large amount of data. When combined with AI and machine learning technologies, this data can be analysed to provide insights into operational efficiency, logistic bottlenecks, or potential security risks. This data-driven approach can help port authorities make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Mountain Resort Management

Automated Operations with DiaB systems can transform how mountain resort and ski slope management operates. Their flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make them indispensable tools in the modern era of resort management.

  • Inspection and Maintenance: Drones with advanced sensors and imaging technologies can regularly inspect ski slopes and mountain resorts, identifying potential safety hazards such as fallen trees, rock slides, or damaged equipment. The rapid response of the DiaB System enables swift intervention, ensuring the resort’s maintenance is efficient and thorough.
  • Avalanche Risk Assessment: Drones play a crucial role in avalanche risk assessment. They can monitor and evaluate snowpack conditions to identify potential avalanche-prone areas. Early identification can guide proper mitigation measures, reducing risks for guests and employees.
  • Mapping and Planning: Drones provide detailed topographical maps of the ski slopes and resort areas using photogrammetry or LiDAR. These maps assist in better planning and designing ski paths, resort layouts, and infrastructure. They are also crucial for emergency response planning.
  • Wildlife Monitoring: The drone-in-a-box system can observe and monitor local wildlife, ensuring that resort activities do not negatively impact the ecosystem. This plays a pivotal role in conserving the local environment and biodiversity.
  • Marketing and Guest Services: From a marketing perspective, drones can capture breathtaking views of the resort and surrounding landscapes for promotional material. They can also offer unique services like personalised aerial footage for guests, enhancing their skiing experience.
  • Emergency Response: In case of emergencies such as lost skiers, avalanches, or injuries on the slopes, drones can be first responders, providing quick location information and even delivering essential first aid supplies before human personnel can reach the site.

National Grid Management

Using DiaB Systems in power line management is a transformative approach that enhances efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. It allows for faster response times and provides valuable data for predictive maintenance, ultimately improving service reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • Inspection and Maintenance: Regularly inspecting power lines and associated equipment ensures uninterrupted power supply. DiaB systems have high-resolution cameras and thermal sensors, perfect for regular visual and thermal inspections. They can cover vast areas much faster than manual inspections, enhancing efficiency and reducing risks associated with human personnel. High-resolution images and thermal data can detect abnormalities like overheating, corrosion, or structural wear, allowing for proactive maintenance.
  • Emergency Response: In case of emergencies, such as natural disasters or significant equipment failures, DiaB systems can be dispatched immediately to assess the extent of the damage. Their ability to capture real-time images and videos provides vital information, helping utilities make informed decisions about emergency responses. DiaB systems can also be used to monitor repair work.
  • Monitoring Vegetation Growth: Vegetation encroachment is a significant concern for power line management. With high-resolution imagery, DiaB systems can monitor vegetation growth near power lines over time. They can identify potential threats and assist in planning pre-emptive pruning or removal activities.
  • Real-time Data Collection and Analysis: DiaB systems facilitate real-time data collection, storage, and analysis. Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms can be used to process these data, improving predictive maintenance, forecasting failures, and thus improving the overall reliability and safety of the power line network.
  • Cost and Safety Improvements: DiaB systems reduce the need for personnel to perform dangerous tasks, such as high-altitude inspections or working in hazardous conditions. In addition, the automation of these tasks lowers the overall cost of inspections and maintenance.

Mining Operations

DiaB systems have emerged as a powerful tool in the ever-evolving mining industry, drastically improving efficiency, safety, and productivity. As these technologies continue to evolve, their role in mining, providing automated operations, is expected to grow, offering unprecedented possibilities for this critical sector.

  • Automated Surveying and Mapping: Generate detailed maps and 3D models of mining sites by capturing high-resolution aerial imagery. This facilitates precise volumetric calculations, terrain modelling, and future planning. They can also effectively track changes over time, helping monitor mining operations’ progress and effects.
  • Equipment Inspection: Carry out regular inspections of heavy machinery and infrastructure, and detect early signs of wear and tear or potential malfunctions. This ensures timely maintenance and reduces downtime, thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.
  • Safety Monitoring: Monitor high-risk areas in real-time, detect potential hazards such as hazardous gas leaks, and facilitate prompt emergency responses. They can also monitor worker safety, ensuring compliance with safety protocols.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Drones can provide regular updates on the environmental impact of mining activities, monitoring factors like deforestation, water pollution, and soil erosion. This assists in regulatory compliance and aids in developing sustainable mining practices.
  • Data Integration: The data collected by drones can seamlessly integrate with other digital systems used in mining operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and improving the overall management of mining operations.
  • Security: DiaB systems can be deployed for round-the-clock security of mining sites, protecting perimeters, assets and staff more efficiently versus traditional methods. Because of this, it can help identify security breaches or potential threats in real time.
  • Search and Rescue: Deploy drones quickly to search large areas and potentially dangerous environments without risking other lives. These systems can also provide valuable visual information to guide emergency response efforts.

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