Protegemis Protection BBA

“Protegimus Protection work in partnership with the British Bodyguard Association (BBA)”

Dave Pendlebury AVSEC

“David Pendlebury; a team member since its inception. A company Non-Executive Director & Maritime Security (MARSEC) Director”

Marcus Gregson

“Marcus Gregson; a member of the Protegimus Protection team since its creation. A Non-Executive Director & Aviation Security (AVSEC) Director”

Protegimus Protection LinkedIn

“Protegimus Protection is on LinkedIn. Follow our official page and Connect with us?”

Protegimus Protection Twitter

“Protegimus Protection is now on Twitter. Visit our official page and give
us a follow?”

Protegimus Protection Facebook

“Protegimus Protection is on Facebook. Find our official page and give it a like and follow?”

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