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The realm of Drone Solutions as a Service (DSaaS)  is a world where possibilities are limited only by the depths of our imagination. It is a realm where businesses and individuals alike can tap into the boundless potential of drones, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and creativity . The sky is no longer a barrier but a limitless frontier, and through our drone services, we find ourselves poised on the precipice of a new era, where the dreams of yesterday become the reality of today.

What is DSaaS?

Empowering your business operations with on-demand, scalable drone services, tailored to your specific needs!

Our DSaaS are revolutionising the way businesses operate across various industries, offering an unparalleled level of efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. With our expert drone consultants, state-of-the-art equipment, and advanced data analytics software, our drone services offer a comprehensive, hassle-free solution for your business needs.

  • Handle all aspects of drone operations, including the necessary hardware, software, compliance, data collection, and analysis.
  • Increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and informed decision-making
  • Flexible and scalable solutions to leverage drone technology effectively.

We deliver tailored drone services, eliminating the need for substantial upfront investment in equipment and technical training. Leveraging the versatility of drones, businesses across diverse industries – including critical infrastructure, construction and renewable energy can gain unique insights from aerial photography, thermal imaging, and mapping. These insights can drive data-backed decision making, boost productivity, and reduce risks.

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This is one of the things we do best

Unleashing innovation, one flight at a time; we are not just delivering expert drone services, we’re reshaping the future of service excellence.

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Critical Infrastrucure

Precision and intelligence for maintenance, surveillance, and management of critical infrastructure.

Solar Farms

Harnessing the power of advanced aerial technology to optimise the performance, maintenance and inspection processes of solar farms.

Oil & gas pipelines

Revolutionise inspections and surveys, fostering safer operations, increased efficiency, and unerring accuracy, all while minimising environmental impact.

Emergency services

Empowering Emergency Services with swift, accurate, and life-saving capabilities, transforming the landscape of public safety by providing eyes in the sky when every second counts.


From surveillance to search and rescue, our drone solutions are redefining the maritime sector, enhancing safety and efficiency with unrivalled precision and reliability.


Cutting-edge aerial mapping, inspection and monitoring capabilities, driving efficiency, safety, and precision on every project.

Drone Services

A few things we’re great at

Encompassing the cutting-edge advancements in technology, our drone services are revolutionising industries with versatile and highly efficient solutions, providing unmatched precision and safety in a multitude of applications.

asset protection
Asset Protection

Leveraging drone solutions for asset protection provides a cutting-edge, real-time surveillance mechanism. In turn this significantly enhances security, reduces costs, and offers unprecedented levels of situational awareness.

site security

Drone solutions for site security revolutionises traditional practices by offering continuous surveillance, proactive threat detection, and immediate response capabilities, bolstering the overall integrity of the premises.

residential security

Incorporating drone solutions into residential security systems offers an advanced layer of protection, real-time surveillance, anomaly detection, and swift response to potential threats, ensuring your property remains safe and secure.

inspections and monitoring
inspections & monitoring

Drone solutions revolutionise inspections and monitoring processes by providing high-resolution, aerial perspectives and difficult-to-reach area access, increasing operational efficiency, safety, and delivering comprehensive, real-time data for informed decision making.


Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our drone surveillance services provide unrivalled, real-time aerial intelligence, ensuring utmost security and operational efficiency for businesses, residential areas, and large-scale events, obtaining the data you need, when you need it.

car park management

Streamline vehicle monitoring, visualise accurate data on space utilisation, turnover (vehicles per hour), as well as pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Identify redevelopment opportunities, enhancing overall operational safety, efficiency and security through our car park utilisation service.

event management

Employing drone solutions for event and crowd control management offers an innovative approach to monitor large gatherings in real-time, providing aerial views for crowd density assessments, behaviour analysis, and swift incident response. This ultimately ensures the overall safety and smooth running of your events.

3d mapping
3d mapping

The use of drone solutions for 3D mapping enables rapid, cost-effective collection of high-resolution aerial data. This can be transformed into detailed, accurate models of terrain and structures, significantly enhancing surveying and planning processes. A very beneficial tool for developmental progress and reporting purposes.

counter drone solutions

Counter-drone solutions are a critical aspect of modern security strategies, designed to neutralise the risks presented by unauthorised or malicious drone use. With the increasing prevalence of drones, the need to mitigate potential threats, ranging from espionage to physical harm, is more essential than ever.

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