Yachting Security Solutions

Monitoring and protecting superyachts and mega yachts shouldn’t be rocket science. With the correct yacht security drone(s), there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Drones are being used more and more each day for security & surveillance purposes – to monitor and track intruders discreetly at any time, even at night and act as a crime detection/prevention solution. Similarly, drones can be used in the yachting industry to watch over superyachts and megayachts at sea or when docked in port.

However, not all drones are best for this purpose; there are specific, sophisticated models for monitoring and securing superyachts. Protegimus Protection provides executive superyacht monitoring and security services using the best high-end drones in the market.

Yacht Security Solutions

Protegimus Protection operates from the UK as one of the leading internationally recognised security consulting companies. Protegimus Protection offers a wide range of services and professional bespoke business solutions, focusing on clients’ satisfaction.

Our premium yachting drone security solutions run cutting edge technologies. We also use the best-in-the-class drone models. To ensure client satisfaction, our team comprises experts in security & surveillance and drone technology.

yachting security solutions UK

Boat Security Systems UK

Protegimus Protection provides clients with Close Protection Remote Pilots to deliver complete security while they’re sailing on their yachts and even when they get ashore.

Our professional pilots operate remotely, using high-end drone models to ensure that our clients are fully protected while onboard, whilst at sea, and when their mega or superyacht is docked.

Why Trust Us?

We pride ourselves on delivering top-level protection to our clients with unmatched professionalism. Protegimus Protection utilises the best, bleeding-edge technologies to provide our Yachting Drone Security Solutions. 

We protect our clients by drone satelliting the yachts during sailing and when anchored. The drone(s) can also watch over the yachts during docking and when not in use. Our expertise is further detailed below:

1. Security & Surveillance

Protegimus Protection uses high-end drones such as the Carbonix Domani models or DJI M300, which has vast coverage capabilities, to ensure efficient tracking and monitoring of superyachts as they sail or dock. 

2. [Real-time] Yacht/Asset Protection

Our solutions help companies in the yachting industry and private yacht owners to protect and watch over their luxury vessel(s) in real-time. 

3. Aerial Protective Surveillance

The drones we *offer/use* integrate specific aerial protection surveillance features. These features make it easier to monitor and secure wide areas efficiently.

4. Yacht Maintenance Inspections

With many years of experience in the field, Protegimus Protections’ team offers professional yacht inspection and maintenance services. The drones we use are sophisticated models with so many capabilities. They can be used to carry out inspections on the protected yachts during sailing and also upon completion of a sail.