Rural and Agricultural Security

Rural and Agricultural theft cost the UK £43.3m in 2020, a 20% decrease from the previous year. However, although there was a decrease, this was only due to lockdown movement restrictions. Also, police rural crime teams were being increased over the lockdown period.

While the number of theft claims went down, criminals still profited. The average cost rose to £4,425 – up from £4,128 in 2019.

Agricultural Security

However, skilled and highly organised criminals continue to plague farmyards 

 turning their attention to high-value equipment, such as: –

  1. Rustling
  2. Working dog theft
  3. Fly Tipping
  4. Machinery Theft
  5. High-Value Equipment Theft – Tractor GPS Systems, Quad Bikes, ATV’s
Rural and Agricultural Security

Rural Solutions

The cost of agricultural vehicle theft remains high at £9.1m, as gangs capitalise on the countryside settings in their favour, with poorly lit areas, minimum CCTV coverage and lack of physical security presence. As a result, agricultural vehicle theft saw only a 2% drop in cost from 2019, still well above 2018’s total of £7.4m.

GPS Theft Cost: £2.9M almost twice last year’s figure

Quad and ATV Theft Cost: £2.5M, a decrease of nearly 18%, returning to 2018 levels

Agricultural Vehicle Theft Cost: £9.1M a 2% reduction in cost, and an 8% reduction in claims

Livestock Theft Cost: £2.3M a decrease of 25%, but up by over a third in the South West of England.

How can drones aid in preventing Agricultural & Rural Crime?

Drones can quickly provide complete overwatch of large scale areas, targeting vulnerable hot spots and known criminal activity locations. 

Through the use of pre-programmed missions, drones can semi-autonomously patrol specific routes that have been discussed during the initial on-site assessment. Moreover, the live stream from the drones can be viewed in the comfort of your home, office or even whilst on the move, giving you complete peace of mind that all is safe and well.

In the event of an incident occurring, the drone built-in tracking feature will allow the subject(s) to be tracked, providing the Police Service with vital information to apprehend the criminals. 

Having drones patrolling your local area and farmlands will act as a natural deterrent to would-be criminals, purely due to it leaving the criminals with little to no chance of going unnoticed when committing a crime.