Residential Security Drones

Your home is your castle, a place where you should feel safe at all times. No one should have to live in fear. Wondering if they will receive an unwanted visitor either whilst they’re in residence or away. That’s why we at Protegimus Protection will conduct a bespoke security assessment of your premises. Considering all threats, risks’ & vulnerabilities, we will provide a tailored drone security solution for your residential premises.

Home Security With Drones

Our drone services can be either be utilised as a standalone package or work hand in hand with our Close Protection or Residential Security Team solutions. We aim to deliver a gold standard residential security drones solution that can integrate into any existing security plan to:

Protect Family & Personnel
Protect the Site
Prevent/Deter Crime
Increase Public Safety

Residential Security Drones UK

Drone Solutions UK

Our residential security drones solutions can offer this service by providing the following capabilities: –

• Incident Response – any incident(s) must be dealt with rapidly to avoid disruption to family and guests. UAV’s can cover large areas in a matter of minutes. They can provide the control room and ground team with vital information as to what is occurring at the site of any incident.

• Perimeter Protection – continuous ‘autonomous’ patrols of your residential perimeter can ensure that intruders do not break the boundaries. We can program the drones to fly a set route directly back to the control room with a live stream. With built-in thermal imaging, no one can go unnoticed, day or night.

Protective Surveillance – When a family member or guest leaves the property, we can provide aerial surveillance to provide overwatch and mitigate any potential risk by providing a warning in advance. We can beam a live feed directly to the Close Protection Team on the ground for greater situational awareness. We can utilise the UAV in conjunction with a Mobile Command Centre during movement outside the grounds if required for a complete aerial surveillance solution.

Global Drone Solutions

• Crime Detection/Prevention – Drones will act as a natural deterrent when seen by opportunist’s looking to take advantage of empty premises or even when the residence is occupied. Through drones, detecting crime early on can prevent potential harm or loss from occurring through these proactive measures being in place. 

• Fire Control/Safe Route – in the event of a positive fire alarm activation, the drone can ensure that the family are evacuated through the safest route possible by identifying and assessing prominent hot spots and where the main ‘burn’ is taking place. Again, this can be fed live to the CPT via a mobile device. The drone can then ensure that no person(s) are still inside by completing a sweep of the premises. Subsequently, this can provide the Fire Service with an aerial picture to aid in directing their water stream to extinguish the fire more efficiently.

• CCTV Integration – all of our drones can provide live stream integration into existing CCTV video management systems.

• Autonomous Patrols – ‘map’ your residence with ease and have the drone concentrate on vulnerable areas. Allow the drone to conduct its mission autonomously via waypoint mission planning. Set as many routes up as you like, cover different areas at different times to avoid setting patterns.