Protective Surveillance

Protective surveillance can work hand in hand with close protection and also as a sole security service. It is all dependant on the clients’ needs and requirements. Protective surveillance uses proven methods of providing covert protection for individuals, teams, families and assets. As well as residential properties or business premises without the need to be obtrusive. The service allows clients to go about their daily routine and business days without attention being drawn to them. It also ensures that they are confidently aware they are with a protection team with the ability to respond to any situation should the need arise.

Counter Surveillance & Covert Protection

Protective Surveillance intends to provide an outer layer ‘security bubble’ to the existing Close Protection team, who will be conducting anti-surveillance. Protective Surveillance is a less obtrusive form of protection. This form of covert protection is becoming a more preferred method of protection for clients who do not want to draw attention to themselves.

Protective Surveillance Services Protegimus Protection

Our Protective Surveillance service allows one of our highly experienced teams’ to work at a safe distance from the client while conducting counter-surveillance on any person or persons that may be conducting hostile surveillance on our client.

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What is protective surveillance?

It is a service of protection, intelligence gathering and risk assessment using both on the ground tactics and electronic surveillance.

What is counter-surveillance?

The counter-surveillance service is primarily when you recognise that you are under threat or that you are under surveillance. You must then deploy the appropriate countermeasures.

What is covert protection?

Covert protection is an exclusive form of security by a surveillance team. The main aim for a covert team is to keep eyes on the individual or group in an unassuming way.

Protective surveillance includes unobtrusive tactics for client safety along with counter-surveillance and covert protection.