Maritime – Super Yacht Security

In recent years and to this day, there is a continual rise in criminal activity amongst Super & Mega Yacht clientele. The reason being, these highly expensive vessels are known as ‘soft targets’ and are becoming more and more appealing to pirates and unwelcome guests alike.

Not only are these luxury vessels and their occupants at risk from physical attacks (Kidnap, Ransom, Theft, Hijacking) but they are also prime targets for ‘Cyber-Criminals’. Majority of the time, these high-value superyachts have influential clients onboard. They are at risk of extortion through criminals gaining personal and confidential information by hacking the vessels security system.

Whether you are using your vessel for a business trip or family holiday, you are potentially exposed to a number of threats unbeknown to you, your business associates and families. To mitigate these risks, one of our specialist maritime super yacht security consultants will conduct a security survey to provide you with a bespoke plan. We at Protegimus Protection employ only the best Maritime Security Officers. They are all Close Protection qualified and have the experience of working in both hostile/non-hostile situations aboard vessels. They are also capable of providing crew training and drills onboard.

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Luxury and Mega Yachts Protection

We also utilise drones as part of our security package. These aid in identifying potential threats from a distance before they become a risk.

Know that with Protegimus Protection by your side, you can go about your business without any hindrance to you and your guests.

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Are super yachts safe?

Yes, but there are risks to yachts owners. These include theft, attacks, abductions and paparazzi intrusion. New technology and highly skilled operatives have helped against these threats.

Do yachts have security?

Yes, as well as personal security personnel and highly advanced computer systems running state of the art CCTV and anti-theft devices, mega yachts also have panic rooms, escape pods, and tracking.

How do yachts defend against attacks at sea?

The ‘P-Trap’ is a concept of non-lethal force which helps repel attacks from the sea. This type of system deploys lines that float on the surface of the water. These can become entangled in the attackers’ engines, thus disabling their propellers.