International Travel Security

Working in partnership with a leading executive travel company, Protegimus Protection can facilitate any international travel security needs that you may have. Whether that be a business trip or family holiday, we provide meticulous planning and execution of your trip. An initial no-obligation security consultation with one of our travel experts will identify your needs. From there we will formulate a bespoke travel plan, assuring you that you can complete your trip without any hindrance to your itinerary.

We look to provide a complete package for our clients to ensure that they can travel without the need to worry about any aspect of their trip; knowing they are in safe hands with our experienced and highly skilled professionals. Your trip can be complemented with either an individual bodyguard or a larger close protection team.

Global and Overseas Travel Protection

Our team of expert security personnel will provide in-depth travel plans for you, your group or your family. These plans will include establishing crisis centres should an emergency happen along with detailed evacuation plans should the need arise.

Executive Security Serivces Protegimus Protection

When you use Protegimus Protection as your international protection service you can travel with safety and peace of mind. Our close protection team will ensure that everything runs according to plan but with contingency plans in place should something happen. All of this will enable you to have a carefree business trip or family vacation.

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Private Chartered Jets & Flights

The majority of our clients are high-ranking or business officials. That is why we have made it that our private chartered jet service is as flexible as possible. Working with our executive business partners and Fixed Based Operators we can facilitate a range of private jets to be available from your local airport to your chosen destination. We have the largest selection of privately chartered jets available in the UK to meet any requirement you may have.

Executive Private Planes & Flights

We understand that to our clients that ‘time is money’. The benefits of using our private chartered service include:

Private flight routes not in use with regular airlines
No waiting around for scheduled flights
No delays or long check-ins
Flexible flight times to meet your needs.
Drive right up to the aircraft or walk through private terminals

What is an international travel protection service?

Security consultants will complete a full travel plan. All risks are put under consideration along with safeguarding plans.

Why do people have global security teams?

High profile personnel including high-ranking government officials and celebrities often use private security teams for their protection.

Who uses overseas travel protection?

Overseas business trips for officials and royalty can be put in danger by people or groups who disagree with their policies.