Event Crowd Control & Management

Our drones can capture four panorama modes, including 180 degrees, horizontal, sphere, and vertical. As a result, drones are becoming a vital asset for event security and management, particularly for outdoor events and where there may be a ground gathering outside the venue.

These assets allow you to monitor crowd control and ensure that health and safety planning are implemented throughout the event. It’s impossible to cover every area of your property or venue with security. Drones act as a robust set of eyes in the sky to prevent any security breaches or illegal activity.

Crowd Control

UAVs allow for monitoring and assessing the situation in real-time and on playback. If a security breach occurs during the event, you can be instantly aware of it through the real-time monitoring system. The 4K video playback can also be essential for security purposes and if an incident occurs. When you have drones deployed during your event, you can deploy your in-person security team more effectively to areas of high-pressure points. These include places such as bars, bathrooms, and entrances

Event Crowd Control & Management

Crowd Management

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you can use our crowd control management services to ensure a steady traffic flow. In addition, traffic monitoring allows you to collect essential data to ensure the health and safety of your event.

A UAV is significantly cheaper than a helicopter, allowing you to monitor the road and traffic on the way into your event. This service is ideal for events on large estates or near public areas, where you expect a large volume of cars and need to work in partnership with local authorities.
We recommend our Matrice 300 drone for crowd control management due to its aviation-grade situational awareness. In addition, the primary flight display integrates flight, navigation, and obstacle information for increased situational awareness.