Drones, Command & Control (C2)

In today’s world, there’s so much that drone services can do to augment security. For example, security drones offer an aerial view that land-based, stationary cameras systems and security staff on the ground cannot provide.

Now that may be a very advanced technical security infrastructure. It may range from the latest biometric access control systems to state of the art analytical CCTV systems.

The advantage Drones have is that they are being used to look at perimeters and conduct constant surveillance over large areas. We can complete a job in a fraction of the time which ‘boots on the ground’ can do.

They can also deliver an aerial 360-degree panoramic view, which standard ground-based security cameras cannot. It means that those under drone video surveillance cannot leave the view of the camera.

Drones are getting smaller, and their battery and fuel sources are getting more efficient. As a result, you’re finding more drones with better camera systems and a smaller footprint. It makes them ideal additions to existing security plans.

We utilise the smaller drones in small to medium areas such as residences, estates, farms, etc.

Drone Services

UAVs allow security personnel to reduce and deter threats, survey more extensive areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.
Another advantage is they can “walk” a route more quickly and effectively than a person. They can move over obstructions easily and view rooftops. Finally, by combining tethered drones to keep consistent surveillance and deployable drones to investigate disturbances, your team will maximise its’ potential to identify and de-escalate problems early on, so a very proactive stance.

The added situational awareness provide to security will help minimise risk to personnel and assets. Also, utilising specialised thermal imaging cameras will give you the capability to detect intruders day or night.

Command & Control (C2)

Command & Control (C2)

Accurate monitoring of your drone operation is vital. We gather and relay information quickly and efficiently to enable time-critical decisions to be actioned without delay.

The can conduct our operations in any environment through mobile command centres (MCC) and portable ground control stations (GCS). We also can integrate all live feeds into existing security infrastructures. In addition, our unique integration into CCTV Video Management Systems allows for greater situational awareness and complete coverage.

We also have the function to allow for a live stream to mobile devices. Our Close Protection & Residential Security Teams can utilise this when responding to any incident or on ground moves. A direct stream of the live drone feed will allow personnel to plan appropriately or, in an incident, extract via the safest possible route, guided by the ‘eye in the sky.

We will determine what C2 package will best suit the task and, more importantly, you as the client during our initial assessment.

We can install a bespoke command centre on-site if the task is long-term or operate from a self-contained MCC if short-term. The MCC can be part of our diamond package or an optional extra for a custom package. It is what makes our service delivery so unique; our clients have the option to pick and choose their very own bespoke set-up, with expert advice and guidance from our consultants.