Aviation Security

The role of Aviation Security (AVSEC) is the implementation of robust methods and procedures to detect and deter criminal activity, ensuring risk remains as low as reasonably practicable at all times. It is about protecting;

• Facilities
• Passengers

Aviation Security, otherwise known as AVSEC, is the process of combining a variety of physical and technical security measures to safeguard Civil Aviation against various acts of unlawful interference and ensure operational effectiveness is maintained. 

Unlawful interference could be;

• Threat to Personnel (Staff, Passengers etc.)
• Terrorism
• Sabotage
Damage to Assets

International Aviation Security

At Protegimus Protection, we understand that your main priority is the safety and security of all passengers, staff, and aircraft.

We take pride and great care in implementing our AVSEC solutions, each one tailored to you. We provide effective and efficient solutions through the use of state-of-the-art technology and our professional security personnel.

• Screening – X-Ray equipment, body scanners and detectors. These systems can be used for passengers, staff & crew, cargo or hold baggage.

• Physical Security – This can range from static guarding to the design and implementation of perimeter security (fences, barriers etc.)

Technical Security – Ranging from CCTV systems, access control to drone solutions.

Consultancy – We can facilitate training, audits, design physical and technical infrastructure systems, penetration testing and AVSEC procedures, plus threat & risk assessments.

Aircraft Security – We focus all our efforts on the flight at hand. We conduct verification of passengers, aircraft search, asset protection, secondary screening.

International Aviation Security

What does aviation security do?

Aviation security offices carry out ID and boarding checks. They can carry out searches on travellers, airport staff and the airline crew. The security checks involve searching cabin bags and operations security equipment such as the body scanner and x-ray machines.

What is an aviation security officer?

They provide airport security which includes operating baggage, passenger and crew screening. In addition, the aviation security officers work alongside local law enforcement offices to help identify and apprehend any suspect individuals

What is aviation security training?

Aviation security officers are trained to a high standard in the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in airport security.