Asset Protection

At Protegimus Protection we aim to provide an unrivalled asset protection service. Whatever the asset or assets our clients require protection of, we will strive to deliver the highest service possible. Asset protection is an important part of High Net and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Businesses, Celebrities and more. We have asset protection capabilities worldwide with the latest technology working hand in hand with our experienced professionals.

Asset Security & Protection UK and Global

We have the ability, skill and confidence whether it is a short term or long term deployment. We deploy expert protection specialists around the world to ensure the safe transportation of high valued assets from one location to another. Before deployment, our security consultancy team will conduct a thorough security assessment and compile a gold standard asset protection plan for all our clients, ensuring all their needs are met.

Asset Protection Protegimus Protection

Our protection team are committed and passionate about protecting all of our clients most precious possessions. A valued possession maybe a family member, art, stocks and jewellery, expensive cars and yachts or animals including thoroughbred racehorses and pedigree breed dogs. Whatever the asset, we will protect it on your residence, or as it travels from A to B.

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What is asset protection?

The service is to put in place strategies for guarding personal or business entities. Whether this is at your residence, place of business or while it is in transit.

What are personal assets?

Examples of personal and business assets include cash, stocks, bonds and cheques. Or physical objects such as rare and expensive works of art, family heirlooms such as jewellery and vehicles.

What are the types of assets that need protecting?

A personal or business asset can be tangible, intangible or financial.

Tangible Asset Include:

Cash/Money, Vehicles including cars & motorcycles, Equipment and Property.

Intangible Assets Include:

Licenses, Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights and Brand Equity.

Financial Assets Include:

Cash, Cheques, Bonds, Stocks and Investment Portfolios.