Anti-Piracy Solutions

Maritime piracy is one of the biggest threats against the international marine sector. There are fears are it will continue to rise over time.
Maritime authorities have set up various measures to counter-piracy. However, specific shipping routes are still vulnerable to attacks.

The Gulf of Guinea accounted for nearly half (43%) of all reported piracy incidents in the first three months of 2021. According to the latest figures from the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB).

Drones can be deployed to monitor coastlines for pirate activity. Then provide overwatch for vessels transiting through chokepoints (CP) or vulnerable points (VP).

Anti-Piracy Solutions & Maritime Security

Our systems can be launched and recovered from a small footprint. We have the capability to stay aloft for up to 10 hours; it provides imaging capability with both day and night and serves as a low-cost complement to the over-the-horizon surveillance capabilities of crewed anti-piracy solutions aerial vehicles.

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Operating as a forward observer and transmitting live video feed of possible threats, chokepoints and vulnerable areas. The UAV can record and gather intelligence to allow for proactive measures to be actioned before the risk becomes a threat. In addition, our Remote Pilots can identify any possible weapons, ladders or other hostile equipment on board.

Once a suspicious boat is identified on the ships’ radar, the UAV pilot deploys the UAV from the deck. The UAV then provides instant and continuous aerial reconnaissance, surveillance, route clearance and auto-tracking from an aerial vantage point. It will then allow for detecting, recognising, and identifying an approaching skiff/boat. It will confirm whether it is a credible pirate threat or just a friendly fishing boat.

The UAV can act as a deterrent by initiating tactical manoeuvres, such as warnings from the loudspeaker system, strobe lighting distraction, amongst many other possibilities. The objective is to deter the threat before using lethal self-defence methods to enable an uninterrupted, safe passage for your vessel.

Another advantage that the use of UAV’s brings is for evidential purposes. Through the collection and storage of data relating to the incident. All live videos and images are stored securely on an encrypted database. Also, utilising UAV’s potentially avoids unnecessary human casualties. These include mistaken identity of a fishing boat as a pirate threat. Protegimus Protection Operations assists your company in the ability to operate in challenged areas, mitigating threats and reducing costs due to unnecessary vessel speed increases before any clear identification of a threat.