Airport Solutions

Working in partnership with UK Airports, Protegimus Protection and Jetset RC aim to provide robust drone security & airport solutions. We can detect, deter, and disrupt any unlawful activity on or around the immediate vicinity of airport grounds.

We can provide an overall specialist airport drone service package, covering the following areas: –

Perimeter Protection – Ensuring the integrity of your perimeter stays intact from any unlawful incursion. Our drones can conduct a perimeter patrol in 90% less time than a foot patrol. Our drones can also conduct autonomous perimeter checks, initiating specific actions at set waypoints.

• Runway Inspections – Aimed at reducing OPEX costs by utilising drones to conduct runway inspections to highlight any damage and highlight potential risks before they become a threat to operations. Due to their rapid deployment and scanning capability, runways are not required to be offline for any length of time, disrupting operational capability. Images and videos captured can be studied in-depth and taken via live feed. It will reduce the risk of personnel having to be physically on the runway. Built-in thermal sensors allow for a complete and in-depth analysis of any hazards. We can utilise drones to check runways for FOD before the take-off and landing aircraft.

• Bird Scaring – As a preventative measure in reducing the likelihood of a bird strike during landing and take-off, our drones can be deployed to clear the immediate area of any wildlife. We achieve it by attaching a loudspeaker as part of the payload system. We can activate it using certain sounds. A valuable benefit of this is reducing risk to aircraft and personnel aboard. It does not require human intervention within a dangerous area.

• Fire Detection (Buildings & Aircraft) – Upon activation of a building fire alarm, drones can be deployed to search for heat signatures, highlight hot spots, and provide ‘safe routes’ out of an active building fire. In the event of a crash landing, drones can give ground fire crew direction where to concentrate the water supply to extinguish the fire in the quickest time possible. We can also provide brake checks on aircraft. Using thermal sensors to detect if brakes are overheating or any issues with the braking system.

Airport Solutions UK

• Crime Prevention/Detection – Monitor any suspicious activity from the air, collecting and processing data to build up pictures of any trends and criminal activity within the airport grounds. The presence of drones will naturally deter opportunists from committing an offence. It also provides the public with an increase in their safety by having that extra capability in the air. We can deploy drones in the event of a bomb threat; they can provide an insight into any suspicious package(s), location, description, size etc.

• Incident Management Support – Should an incident occur on-site, drones can provide overwatch and real-time assessment on a situation, giving vital information to ground response teams; Police, Fire Service, and ambulance crews.

• Red Route/One Way System Management – monitor your red routes with ease through 

• Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems – Prevent the incursion of unwanted and potentially unsafe drones operating illegally within your airspace. It could have catastrophic effects on operations and also could endanger lives. Having the right solution will ensure that no ‘rogue’ drones hinder your operations.

• PAPI, ALS, ILS Calibration – 

Through the use of state of the art software, we can program our drones to conduct your PAPI, ALS and ILS calibrations. Reduces overall OPEX, risk to staff and increase operational effectiveness.