Aerial Surveillance

Drones are at the forefront of modern surveillance, providing a unique way of monitoring assets, security threats and criminal activity in the most covert manner. Drones can be used to track an asset or moving vehicle, along with monitoring security situations. 

The observational abilities and data gathering of drone surveillance are vital assets for any security assignment, including;

• Insurance Fraud – fraudulent claims are rising across the UK, with more people resorting to insurance scams, costing insurance providers millions. Providing aerial surveillance to target and expose these criminals will ensure insurance companies reduce their costs for such fraudulent claims.

• Protective Surveillance – our drones can complement our ‘on the ground’ protective surveillance package and provide direct aerial footage to the team(s) that are on the ground protecting the client. This used in collaboration with our protective surveillance teams will increase their overall situational awareness, thus reducing risk to the client(s).

• Crime Hotspots – vulnerable areas subject to a high crime rate can be monitored, and proactive measures can be put in place before incidents’ escalate. For example, if there is an area known for recurrent car theft. We can deploy drones to provide overwatch for any suspicious activity.

• Event Surveillance – Securing events often involves a small task force trying to cover a large area and many people. There are many benefits to utilising drones to cover events.

Aerial Surveillance and Monitoring

–    Mapping a venue pre-event to create an action plan for security deployment. Using drones to map out a venue will give the team the necessary information to place assets tactically. Identify weak points (employee entrances) where sustained surveillance could be beneficial. It will also help familiarise their team with evacuation routes in case of disaster.

–    Mixing tethered drones and deployable drones help security respond to all situations quickly and efficiently. Placing tethered drones provide consistent information from key areas. Security can keep a birds-eye view of the area, giving a 360° view. Deployable drones can then investigate potential disturbances, reducing the response time and keeping personnel safer.

–    Drone use deters intruders: Just as having alarms or cameras can make your event less of a target, security plans that include drones is more of a deterrent for troublemakers and criminals.

Before drones, our scope of surveillance was limited to in-person and lesser technological systems. While traditional cameras have their limitations with tripods and structures. Our drones can travel freely through areas to find and track a moving target.

Aerial Surveillance Video

These UAV systems allow for covert surveillance while also being a cost-effective alternative to traditional surveillance activities. The UAV’s produce minimal noise, making them easier to gather data without disturbing your neighbours or alerting the individual being monitored. Unlike conventional cameras, our fleet of drones can operate in low-light and night-time situations to facilitate 24/7 monitoring and security provisions.

Aerial Surveillance UAV Drones UK

Unmanned Aerial Surveillance

Drones are also a vital asset for ensuring the safety of your site. Whether you have a construction site or high-value property, drones can be deployed as part of your out-of-hours security to secure your property and assets, including equipment. In addition, UAVs can help provide a rapid response for anything that happens within the perimeter of your property, limiting the need for in-person security guards.

With surveillance, it’s all about remaining undetected by the third party. We’ve chosen our drone fleet for its surveillance potential. They operate with a Flight Autonomy system that allows for a smoother, and crucially, quieter journey for added discretion. Our fleet is powered for night-time surveillance, using omnidirectional obstacle sensors to improve safety and control.

Our fleet includes precise recognition facilities. It allows us to map a 3-d view of the surrounding environment through the primary camera, while the dual vision sensors give greater accuracy and recognition. The Matrice 300 can feed into our surveillance strategy as the advanced dual control offers higher flexibility for security operations.

Our drones feature trajectory prediction capabilities for on-the-go surveillance. An algorithm that allows the drone to maintain its tracking, even when temporarily blocked by obstructive buildings or environments. The high-speed monitoring will enable us to track moving vehicles, including boats and cars, up to 72 kph. In addition, the drones are equipped with intelligent tracking. It makes it easier to follow moving targets while sharing their live location.