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Protegimus Protection Ltd

• Company Founded • British Bodyguard Association Approval • Partner with Executive Travel Company

About Us

Protegimus Protection is a leading specialist and licensed bodyguard, executive protection and security consulting company that ensures all your security requirements are met. We have expertise in executing, adding and improving to your security. As security experts we offer a complete range of security services and a multitude of bespoke security services to the highest of standards.

We strive to provide services that enable our clients to accelerate opportunities and manage strategic and operational risks. All Protegimus Protection personnel are highly skilled and have undergone rigorous vetting and testing prior to joining the company.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and a strong belief that we source the best personnel by maintaining an exceptional level of service. It is constantly monitored and maintained by our efficient recruitment process and continuous assessment. Protegimus Protection aims to demonstrate our expertise and capacity to deliver a service that exceeds exceptional standards of security and customer service.

It is a policy that we continue to maintain and exhibit over and over again. Protegimus Protection pledges to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity while following best business practices.

Who We Are Protegimus Protection

Protegimus Protection (PP) are proud corporate partners with the British Bodyguard Association (BBA).

PP strive for excellence, and we pride ourselves on our reputation as being one of the leading experts in the Security Industry. We want to ensure that our high standards and ethics are reflected through a well-established, world-renowned industry leader; the BBA. Our clients’ minds can be put at ease, in the knowing that we are affiliated with, and a partner of the BBA. This partnership signifies PP are dedicated professionals and have the backing of a leading professional body.

Mission Statement

We strive to responsibly provide top-notch security consultancy services to our clients without sacrificing quality. The Protegimus Protection mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and exacting needs of our clients by providing high-quality services with maximum efficiency because our customers’ priorities are our priorities.

Vision Statement

We remain unwaveringly committed to maintaining our outstanding reputation and position as the leading security company with regional as well as national impact. We intend to focus, optimize and consolidate our core competencies and undertake prudent expansion. We constantly strive to identify emerging trends and realign our business as per market requirements.

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